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Food Guide & Class

  • Full Color, Spiral Bound Hard Copy

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  • 30 Day Meal Plan, Complete With Grocery Shopping Lists & Recipes

    Jump Start Weight Loss And Overcome Sugar & Processed Food Cravings

  • 30 Day Back On Track Class

    Features Weekly Seminars, Daily Videos, Fun Quizzes, a Completion Certificate & Giveaways

30 Day Whole Real Foods Menu Plan


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Frequently Asked Questions

 What if I need to eat out?

We understand that life doesn't always allow for you to stay on a detailed program, but we have you covered.  A dining out guide is provided to help you stay-on-track and make good choices even occasionally eating out during the 30 days.

What if I don't like vegetables?

Our recipes have been tested by some of the pickiest eaters...kids and teens.  Our simple, whole, real food recipes are a great way to expand your palate.  Our recipes utilize the most palatable cooking methods bringing out an abundance of flavor.  Our daily protein smoothie is one way we "sneak-in" vegetables that you cannot even taste.  Really!  Vegetables do an abundance of work that protein, and fat cannot do.  

Does the class require additional products to purchase?

Changing your food choices and behaviors is the main focus but for maximum results a plant-based protein powder and a high quality probiotic are necessary.  We do offer pharmaceutical-grade products not otherwise available over-the-counter, without the high price tag.  This is optional and products from your local health-food store can be utilized.

I don't have much experience in the kitchen are the recipes complicated?

Most participants find that the recipes are easy to follow and prepare.  We have included tips to simplify each recipe , but if you get stuck just pop in the GastricHealth Club Facebook Group for support.  


Is it safe for my children to follow the program?

All kids are uniquely different, but because we utilize whole, real foods for the challenge it is completely safe for them to eat the same meals.  If your child is active, you will want to add in some starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, beets, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, basmati white or brown rice, quinoa or amaranth. 

Do I have to follow the plan perfectly?

I don't truly believe in perfection, but by following the program as designed it will definitely optimize your results providing maximum weight loss, improving joint pain, sugar and carb cravings, inflammation, acne, skin rashes, high and low blood sugars, increase your metabolism, balance your hormones, and increase energy.  You are welcome to tailor it to your needs and lifestyle.

What happens after March 7th?

The prices go up - to $79.99 plus shipping and handling!

When does the class start?

The Class will begin mid April.

What if I purchase the Class & Guide and don't like it?

You can simply email our support team through the contact us section within 30 days of release of the food guide and we will gladly refund your money. But, you must do this within 30 days, or you will maintain ownership of what you purchased.

Benefits Of A Whole Real Foods Menu