This Is Not A Liquid "Pouch Reset"


There Is "No" Starving Yourself During The Challenge

Each Day, You Will Eat.....


The 10 Day Challenge Comes Complete With:

  • Welcome & Overview Videos

    A brief set of videos explaining the meals for each day, how they cleanse your body and restore your health

  • Whole Real Foods Meal Plan

    Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Yes, I said snacks. YAY!!

  • Recipes

    Simple recipes, easy to follow and very tasty. No starving yourself here!!

  • Grocery Shopping List

    Download a list of everything you need, print it off and take it to the grocery store


Here's What Some Past Challenge Members Have To Say...


I highly recommend the 10 Day Back On Track Challenge. You get plenty of food to eat. The recipes are easy to follow and simple to fix. All you have to do is print the grocery shopping list and prepare the foods. Because the program was free, I completed the 10 Day Challenge three separate times over a four week period. During this time, I ended up loosing 14.8 lbs and dropped my blood sugar by over 141 points. Thank You Gastric Health Club and the 10 Day Back On Track Challenge!!

Cherie Surber
Huntington, IN


Other Aspects Of The Challenge Include:

  • Daily Educational Videos

    Help expalin how weight loss surgery changes your gut health, why weight loss stalls happen and simple steps you can implement to help you feel and look your best.

  • Daily Email Reminders

    Help remind you of simple food preparation steps that keep you on track to complete the 10 days

  • Daily Giveaways and Prizes

    Help motivate you to stick with the plan and complete the challenge


Here's What Some Past Challenge Members Have To Say...

I was sleeved in 2013 and initially lost 80 pounds, but regained 25 of it within the last year. This is when I actually stumbled on your Facebook group. I could tell right away there was a difference with WLS Gut Health and Gastric Health Club. So, when you offered the free 10 day challenge. I jumped on it right away. The foods are absolutely wonderful and the content you provided regarding how weight loss surgery changes your gut health was beyond my expectations. Thank You Dawn for Everything!!

Lisa McFarland,
LaPlata, NM


Challenge Begins Monday, September 17..... We Hope To See You There!!